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Providing Quality DSA Inspection Services for TK-12 School Districts and Community Colleges Throughout California

DSA Project Inspection

We're a respected leader in DSA Project Inspection Services, known for excellence, quality, and client satisfaction. Our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and sustainability has made us a trusted partner for a wide range of clients in Southern California. With 23 years of dedicated DSA experience, we've honed our skills in school construction and regulations. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in construction methods and materials. We emphasize clear communication, teamwork, and efficient project management, ensuring on-time, on-budget, and high-quality results. We collaborate with architects, special inspectors, engineers, and construction managers.

Project Closeout & Certification

It is important to note that the Project Closeout process with the Division of State Architect (DSA) begins as soon as construction commences. By maintaining meticulous records and actively participating in this process from the start, Pringle Group not only ensures adherence to regulatory requirements but also contributes to cost control for the project. This proactive stance ultimately safeguards the District's schedule and budget, underlining Pringle Group's commitment to comprehensive project management.

One of the key aspects of this diligence is the commitment to preserving complete and precise records. This strategic approach, initiated from the project's inception, serves a vital purpose. By doing so, the Project Inspector is well-equipped to assist in verifying the extent and causes of any potential delays that might arise during construction. This early involvement significantly streamlines the Project Closeout process, initiating it from the project's very beginning.

What is DSA?

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) is a vital regulatory agency in California responsible for ensuring the safety, accessibility, and sustainability of public school and community college facilities. DSA establishes and enforces construction standards, oversees plan reviews, and conducts inspections to guarantee that school construction and renovation projects meet rigorous building codes and accessibility requirements. They play a critical role in safeguarding the well-being of students, staff, and the public by ensuring that educational facilities are constructed to the highest standards of quality, durability, and safety. DSA certification is a prerequisite for any public school or college project in California, and compliance with their regulations is a non-negotiable aspect of construction in the state.

Pringle Group Project Inspectors are indispensable allies for school districts aiming to navigate the complexities of construction programs in accordance with DSA regulations.

 With their extensive experience, deep understanding of DSA requirements, and rigorous commitment to quality, Pringle Group Project Inspectors serve as the linchpin between educational institutions and DSA compliance. They facilitate the process by thoroughly reviewing project documents, diligently overseeing construction progress, and meticulously documenting every phase. By doing so, they ensure that projects align with DSA standards from day one, helping districts avoid costly delays and rework. Pringle Group’s expertise extends beyond mere compliance; they foster collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders to ensure projects not only meet regulations but also align with the unique goals and needs of the district, ultimately creating safer, more accessible, and more efficient learning environments. In essence, Pringle Group Project Inspectors are the guardians of quality and compliance, supporting districts in achieving their construction objectives while upholding the highest standards of safety and accessibility mandated by DSA.

DSA Inspector
Training Program

Our company culture is defined by our core values: integrity, collaboration, quality, teamwork and accountability.

The primary strategy is providing superior customer satisfaction while maintaining quality. It is fundamental to our working philosophy that we monitor our contract Inspectors working professionally to fulfill their inspection duties and minimize potential litigations for the clients.

Our DSA Inspector training program actively recruits and trains new candidates to become certified DSA inspectors. This allows us to train prospective inspectors, connect them with seasoned inspectors and join our team.