Pringle group


Southern California's
Premier DSA Inspection Firm

For over 30 years, The Pringle Group has been recognized as a first-class DSA Inspection firm. Our firm has built a reputation for excellence in DSA Project Inspection and consulting services for a wide range of clients.

We have gained tremendous experience with all sizes and types of school construction projects. Our team brings a vast knowledge of construction and DSA inspection expertise with over 400 years combined experience.


Years in Business

We have a wealth of experience as DSA Project Inspection and Consulting Services.


School Districts

We have worked on a variety of projects, including School Districts and Community College Districts, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government buildings and more.


School Projects

Including new school construction, renovations, modernizations, additions and other program-wide school bond projects.


DSA Inspector
Training Program

Our company culture is defined by our core values: integrity, collaboration, quality, teamwork and accountability.

The primary strategy is providing superior customer satisfaction while maintaining quality. It is fundamental to our working philosophy that we monitor our contract Inspectors working professionally to fulfill their inspection duties and minimize potential litigations for the clients.

Our DSA Inspector training program actively recruits and trains new candidates to become certified DSA inspectors. This allows us to train prospective inspectors, connect them with seasoned inspectors and join our team.